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Having a session with Anastacia felt - for lack of a better word - Enlightened.


I have been trying to uncover things for a few weeks and in two conversations she was able to not only uncover them but to show me what was covering them.


The beauty of her work is that she gently guides you to them.


Her words are full of unconditional love and I was in awe as to how I was able to connect with her energy.


I have had several sessions with different healers and Seers throughout the years; Anastacia's energy is so powerful that I was able to feel it just from reading her words. 


It felt like a treat to my soul.


I feel blessed and honoured to have her guidance on my path.

"Ascension cannot be rushed, fooled or cheated"



For those ready for the next step on their souls journey.


Spiritual Guidance/Counselling and Healings on the Spirit, Soul, Mental, Emotional and Physical levels.


Clearing energies on all levels and much much more.


*Refer to the Services and Exchange sections*






Ascension Pioneer Trail Blazer WaySeer


In service to Humanity and linking emotions to Soul/Spirit.


A clear vessel of Pure Divine Golden/White Light/Rainbow energy...coming  from Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty.


All I share is from going within for the last 23years....from experiencing myself firstly.


"There is always a way and an answer".


As it is very much time for Authentic Healers...


It  doesn't matter what is happening on what ever level and how ever confusing it is...we can ALWAYS rely on you for the heads up, clarification and great love and wisdom.


You truly are a special lantern leading the way.


Much love you Beautiful Wise Seer and thankyou for "YOU".

"Knowing and experiencing are worlds apart"






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